They should be charged: Thousands of nurses obtained fake diplomas and provided care without proper training

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The third school indicted for being involved in the scheme was Sacred Heart International Institute, all of which have since been forced to close. Interrogation with the arrested person revealed that he ran a systematic network where he used to issue fake degree certificates of various universities, the CCB said adding that its investigation into such activities will continue. One victim was a Toronto lawyer whohired someone with a phony law degreeto manage new business for him. The fraudster had presented impressive college documentation to get the job. But once at work took advantage of new clients, trying to squeeze as much money out of them as he possibly could. The experience ended up costing the real lawyer some $100,000 although the fraudster was only employed for a month.
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As well as a greater potential for legal liability, employing nurses without recognized qualifications also poses questions of safety for patients, the authorities have said. Since the scandal broke, David said he has lost two nursing jobs; Angela has lost one, and is now worried about getting a second. She said the loss of income “impacted us really bad” and that “a lot of anxiety has been built up.”
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