The Top 76 Most Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Schools

There’s no initial cost, and the tubs are reasonably priced. There is no question that this is the top cookie dough fundraiser chosen by schools. RaiseCraze was started by a couple of parents who were frustrated and dissatisfied with traditional school fundraising companies’ profit margins. Instead, students receive donations to the school for future acts of kindness. Schools earn between percent of all Barnes & Noble items sold in-store and online during the fundraiser event.
If your students know they’ll be meeting on these days with their teammates, they’ll be more apt to be prepared. As you can see from the profit chart below the lowest profit percentage you will make from using scratch cards for fundraisers is 70%. The lowest profit percentage you will make from using scratch cards for fundraisers is 85%. However,  the more cards you purchase the higher your profit potential for each card, due to volume price breaks. To do something special for students of all ages and to fundraise for a good cause, organize a student art show. This PTA fundraising idea is a great way to build community spirit, showcase your art program, and boost the students’ confidence.
To raise the amount of money needed to support a high school choir, Choirs have been turning to ABC Fundraising® for over 2 decades. Nonprofits and civic organizations, such as Rotary or Lions Clubs, are essential parts of our communities. Thousands of groups have partnered with us to raise money for soup-kitchens, medical research, andcommunity-based and national nonprofitprograms.
You can easily earn a few hundred dollars on a spring day with this popular PTO fundraising idea. But middle school fundraisers can actually be constructive projects that make this new territory less threatening for students. Family fun events are great school fundraising ideas that bring families together to help raise money for your school. This family fun event can be a school-wide picnic or field day where you can offer games and mini competitions. Launch a pizza fundraiser and take a bite out of your expenses!
easy school fundraisers is a great fundraiser for older groups (High School teams) who need to raise $3,000 with relative ease (and more with additional options at the event). I love Youth and High School sports, but I HATE the fundraising the goes along with them. I rant about this often…just see my Confessions from a CEO diatribe as an example.
Be sure to promote these opportunities to your school community and provide instructions for starting a Facebook fundraiser. This fundraiser is sure to make a splash in your community. Set up a car wash in the high school parking lot or partner with a local business during a late-spring weekend, and have students take shifts cleaning cars. If you have an online donation page set up, you can accept card payments and text-to-give in addition to cash. There’s something about being at school after hours that holds an air of mystery and intrigue for middle school students. In a school-sleepover fundraiser, students can make a donation to gain access to an exclusive nighttime event.
Take advantage of high spirits at the Homecoming game pep rally and host a “We’re Going to Cream the Other Team” theme, which can involve cream pie-related games. One game can be a pie-eating contest where contestants pay to play. Another game involves attendees dropping money into a bucket or pitcher in front of the teachers, coaches, principals, and school staff they want to see pied in the face. These cheerleading fundraisers must have buy-in from the school administration to succeed. We’ve put together some of the best cheerleading fundraising ideas to get your next campaign up and running for the sake of the cheer.