Fluid Power Energy Temperature Control Valves

At competitive prices, you can maintain, modify, enhance or replace your machines and vehicles. From the selection of new, used, and rebuilt parts from different manufacturers, choose the suitable therm control valve to get your construction equipment up and running in no time. The collection of temperature control val at at Alibaba.com. From transmission systems to hydraulics, engines to pumps, and brakes to wheels, Alibaba.com has got it.
While for building van điều khiển and occupants, choosing our temperature control valves ensures high performance combined with safe and efficient operating conditions for total peace of mind. The design of the thermal control valve allows it to be used in both diverting and mixing applications which provides great flexibility for the system designer. Typical installation schematics for both configurations are shown below. PDT can incorporate additional features such as temperature sensors, supplemental fluid ports and relief valves to consolidate system plumbing and reduce the cost of the system. Contact our application engineers to discuss how a PDT thermal control valve can bring benefit to your liquid system. Thermal control valves provide a means to control the temperature of coolant at a particular point in a system to a defined value.
For example, as the name suggests, a two-way valve contains two ports. A valve port is a valve connection point where fluids enter or exit the valve. The required temperature is maintained with no over-consumption of cooling water in cooling systems. Suitable for a variety of pressure regulating and pressure reducing applications. As your thermal utility partner, Armstrong can satisfy your industry’s most unique requirements while helping you improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and emissions. We bring you rugged, hardworking products, state-of-the-art technology, custom-engineered systems and services, and more than a century of knowledge and experience — all organized for your industry.
Choice of actuator can be either thermal or electrical depending on the application and one’s budget. Our Production Team is committed to manufacturing the finest water temperature control valves in the industry. It must be noted that mixing in this type of temperature control is mostly physical and should not result in a chemical reaction for control to be smooth and predictable.
We could not use a seal before because we could not allow more than a couple gallons an hour of water to the drain. Your valve dramatically decreases the water usage and as a result reduces the amount we send to drain. Engineering, manufacturing, quality, and sales departments are located in one facility for maximum efficiency and effective communication.