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When it comes to roofing, however, commercial and industrial mean almost the same thing. ASI works with you to create a comprehensive solution to any issues you may be experiencing with your roof and facility. We also educate you through roof inspections and assessments to ensure you are making the best decision possible for your unique situation. Corrective repairs will bring your roof system back into maintainable condition after a few years of neglect.
This process can cause damage to roofs in a variety of ways, from small tears in the roofing material to complete collapse. Weathering and erosion can be accelerated by factors such as high winds, heavy rains, or ice accumulation. As you can see, there are a lot of choices when looking into a new commercial roof. Each of the 6 types of commercial roofing has its benefits and drawbacks; choosing which one is best comes varies customer by customer. This is a huge advantage for roofs with two roofing systems installed. With a coating system, you might be able to avoid a complete tear-off.
CCPIA’s Inspecting Low-Slope Roofs Course for Commercial Property Inspectors teaches students how to inspect low-slope roofs at commercial buildings. The student will learn about the components in a low-slope roof assembly and their common deficiencies. Roof coatings are liquified polymers applied to an existing roofing system. They also provide a reflective surface that may help to reduce energy costs.
If you turn a darker roof into a lighter color, you can reduce roof temperature and lower energy costs. Cedar shake roofs are another popular material used on Minnesota homes. They give homes a rich, natural appearance and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Over the past 23 years, the Metropolitan School District of Warren County has been a customer of Sentry Roofing, Inc. It has been an excellent working relationship with Sentry, due to their great customer service, workmanship and quality products. EPDM Membrane Roofs – Darker roofs, better suited for cooler climates.
A commercial roof replacement is more of a fleeting expenditure. It represents a significant investment in a building’s energy efficiency and weather protection. For Barrie Roofing , a replacement also means substantial disruption to day-to-day operations. You can address many of these potential “no” sources within your website design and local search content. Roofing companies unknowingly create all sorts of reasons for doubt as they promote their services.
Clear coatings preserve the natural color, warmth, and metallic tone of copper alloys. Oils exclude moisture from copper roofs and flashings and simultaneously enhance their appearance by bringing out a rich luster and depth of color. The most popular oils are lemon oil, U.S.P., lemongrass oil, Native E.I., paraffin oils, linseed oil, and castor oil.
Quality, integrity, and good old-fashioned customer service are the pillars we thrive on. We service residential & commercial roof replacement & repairs. Many manufacturers require some level of training or certification to apply their materials, so they can provide you with a list of roofers in your area they would recommend to install their products.